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Blog Challenge: Victory!

Monday, January 31st, 2011

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Today is Day 31 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, Day 31 of this blog, and I’m sitting here with my 3rd cup of coffee reflecting on the experience.   I knew that blogging would be an important part of my business plan and future success, yet I had no one urging me to get started now.  That structure came with the Challenge. 

Day 1 – Excitement!  The start of a challenge!  The birth of an era!

Day 7 – Hit my first wall.  How will I ever make it to Day 31?  Stick with it, Stacy…you can do this!  REALLY thankful I was introduced to the concept of blog spam at an early stage of the Challenge, as I’m now receiving daily spam messages.  (How on earth did they find ME?)

Day 14 – Noticing that the group is extremely supportive of one another, providing guidance, mentorship, and encouragement.  The support from this community is second to none — YOU ROCK!

Elaine Pictures, Images and PhotosDay 21 – Getting back in the groove.  Perhaps my topics are more varied that I would have liked, but hey — I’m writing!  I even had someone “remind” me that I hadn’t posted one day, and they missed it.  (OK, so that “someone” was my boyfriend…but it still felt good to be missed!) 

Day 31 - I did it!    31 blog posts in 31 days…and I even shared some “secret” information that was news to some experienced bloggers!  (OK, I’ll admit it, that made me feel pretty good.)

To my new friends met through the Ultimate Blog Challenge, this Victory Dance is for YOU!  Thank you for keeping me motivated throughout the Challenge.  Keep up the great work on your blogs, and I look forward to our continued relationship and support.  Let me know if I can ever return the favor!

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