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Monday, February 28th, 2011

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As marketers, we are responsible for driving traffic, generating leads (and sales!), and a variety of activities.  Once a prospect becomes a customer, they can be treated in a variety of ways, ranging from:

  • Treated like royalty — these customers will never go anywhere else!
  • Treated “normally” — they are treated as they expect to be treated, nothing more…nothing less.
  • Ignored — this is the worst!  Current customers being ignored while new prospects are being courted.  What an oversight!

Excellent customer service AFTER the sale is perhaps the best thing you can do to improve your future sales with that customer, as well as generate referrals for NEW business from those customers.  Companies (and individuals) that understand their current customers will make or break them over the long run are always on the lookout for innovative ways to keep their customers loyal and improve their experience with your products, services, and brand.

Now that social media is THE marketing tool, some companies are embracing it in new ways by incorporating social media into the customer service experience. 

Need help?  Tweet for it.  Yes, that’s right…you can now create “twickets” (tweeted support tickets) to get the ball rolling on a customer support issue.  This can be incorporated into a social media dashboard called MarketMeSuite.  Read about the new customer support integration via the “Zendesk button” – on the MarketMeSuite Blog.  

MarketMeSuite promises to be a game changer. It’s revolutionary.  Why?  Because when you post your messages to Twitter, no matter which of the popular applications you use, did you realize that you’re giving away valuable real estate and backlinks to someone else?
It’s true!  If you use TweetDeck, Seesmic, HootSuite, or virtually any other application, go check your Twitter feed now and you’ll see what I mean. Every single tweet you post on YOUR page has THEIR name on it, plus a link back to THEIR website.  MarketMeSuite will also help you become a superstar in your OWN NICHE, growing your following without being spammy.  

Have you used MarketMeSuite?  Leave a comment and share your experiences!  And if you’re using this to manage your customer service, let us know how it’s working!

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