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Is Your Business Fun?

Friday, June 10th, 2011

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Many budding entrepreneurs are sitting in the corporate jobs daydreaming about having fun with a business of their own…something that aligns with their interests and passions. Ever heard the phrase “Do what you love…the money will follow?”  That can be true…to a point.  At some point hard work comes into the picture.  And that hard work can take the fun out of your interests.

Childhood Fun Vs. Work

work is funI always enjoyed my grandparents pictures, and after receiving my first camera in eighth grade, I was hooked on photography.  I was pretty good, too.  I thought it would be great to travel the world (another passion of mine) taking pictures for postcards and publications. 

In college I worked as a photographer, going to frat parties and special events taking casual photos of attendees.  That was fun!  It was a social event, the photography didn’t need to be perfect, as it was merely a souvenir from the event. 

Then I shot a wedding.  Yikes!  Talk about pressure!  What if my camera malfunctions?  What if I miss the shot?  This is a once-in-a-lifetime event!  (And I should know…there were no pictures of my grandparents’ wedding because their friend forgot to put film in the camera!)  OK…no more weddings.  They’re not fun.

Photojournalism.  While in grad school I worked for the school newspaper, The Batallion.  This was wedding pressure on steroids!  Now I had the stress of finding a feature photo for the front page…EVERY DAY!  After one summer I quit, and I haven’t really picked up a camera since.  It just wasn’t fun for me anymore.

Fun AND Work

We NEED to have fun in our work.  Let’s face it…we WANT to have fun!  If we approach our businesses with the same energy and passion that we approach our hobbies, we WILL have fun.  Have you noticed that if you’re having fun in your work it doesn’t really seem like “work?”  And when we’re having fun, we build stronger relationships with others, we attract new clients faster, and we retain them longer.  A great example of a company having fun is Apple.  Everthing they do oozes fun!

Are you having fun with your work?  Share a FUN story below! 

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