About Stacy

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Stacy Ryan – a.k.a. the “Queen of Cards” – is a self proclaimed “card-a-holic” dating back to her high school days when she spent hours at the Hallmark store searching for the perfect cards to send to friends and family.   Like many people, Stacy collects the cards she receives because the cards, messages, and senders are close to her heart.

A natural-born marketer, Stacy spent more than 15 years growing businesses in a variety of industries, preferring the small business environment because of the freedom to think and act “outside the box” to develop and implement creative marketing programs that positively impact the bottom line. 

In August of 2008, Stacy discovered SendOutCards, a greeting card and gifting service that combined her passion for greeting cards with an incredible marketing tool and virtual business.  A proven leader in the company, Stacy thrives on working with everyone from stay-at-home moms and dads who want to supplement or replace their income, to entrepreneurs, small business owners, and busy professionals who want to use the service to build their current business, increase customer loyalty and referrals, and monetize their marketing efforts.

See why Stacy’s so excited about this program, and send a few cards for FREE.

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