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Can Technology Kill Your Business?

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

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62 Projects to Make with a Dead Computer

62 Prrojects to Make with a Dead Computer

When I woke up this morning, I was in a great mood.  I sat down with a fresh pot of coffee, fired up the computer, and…  NOTHING.  I got as far as entering my password to unlock the computer and…FREEZE.  Hard reboots, unplugging, removing the battery…none of the usual “quick fixes” were going to work for me today!  Sadly, the computer is D.O.A. 

OK…fire up the NetBook and look for solutions.  OK for surfing online (which is why I bought it), but it doesn’t have the programs loaded on it, so the work I needed to do went by the wayside.

The iPhone?  That doesn’t take me very far!  Strike Three!  I’m out.  :-(

That made me realize — what’s my back-up plan?  I use Carbonite to back up my files, though I’m told it doesn’t back up programs.  In the digital age, who has disks anymore?  All the software I’ve purchased lately has been a download.  Looks like I may be out of luck…grrrrrrr!

Wanting to look at the bright side, I wondered “What can you do with a dead computer?”  Searching online, I’m not the only one asking this question.  That’s when I found Randy Sarafan’s book:  62 Projects to Make with a Dead Computer.  I don’t know Randy, though he gave me a much-needed laugh today…along with a whole new meaning for “computer hacking!”

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