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This One’s An “All-Skate!”

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

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Last week, my boyfriend and I went roller skating on an adults-only night.  I hadn’t been on wheels in almost three decades, so when he proposed the idea I jumped at the chance to revisit an activity I enjoyed when I was younger. 

And at the same place, no less — the Dairy Ashford Roller Rink.   roller skateI spent so much time there back in the 70s and 80s — birthday parties, Saturday afternoons, and soundtracks filled with “classics” like KC and the Sunshine Band, The Knack, Bay City Rollers, and Blondie.  I couldn’t wait to go back!  The soundtrack may have changed, though the rest of the experience was oh-so-familiar.

Once I laced up my skates I was ready to hit the floor.  Being more than a little wobbly at first, I felt slightly out of place among people who were gliding around the rink effortlessly, people dancing on skates. 

Then there were the members of the Roller Derby — all padded up and fearlessly skating around the rink, weaving in and out of the other skaters.  And finally, there were those of us struggling to defy the scientifically proven increased gravitational pull in this particular geographic area.  :-D  

I was taken out more than once by a gentleman on inline skates that spent more time on his behind than on his feet.  One guy even took me AND my boyfriend out!  (Now THAT’S skill!)  And I hit the floor a few times all by myself — seeing if I could turn around and skate backwards.  (By the way, the answer was ‘no.’)

Looking around at the variety of people there, I started to compare the roller rink to business, and to life in general. 

  • The Dancers:  we all glide across the floor effortlessly as experts in our field;
  • The Derby Girls: we have to be aware of our surroundings so we can strategize and plan our attack so we avoid and overcome the obstacles in our way;
  • The Wobblers:  we all have to keep learning, and when we’re first learning a new skill we’re a bit wobbly and struggling to stand upright;

The challenge is to keep learning…to pick ourselves up,  dust ourselves off, ice down the areass that will inevitably have bruises tomorrow, and keep going.  With time, we gain the skills we need to succeed, and thrive, in our environment.

Keep on learning and growing, because life is an “All-Skate!”  I’m thinking about taking a few roller skating lessons now…if nothing else, for the entertainment value. 

What area of your life/business are you taking a risk and having some fun?

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