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Size Matters! Does Your Product Fit?

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

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Yesterday I had a meltdown…my iPhone (the original 8GB version) died. It’s had several near-death experiences recently, though this time it died mid-conversation with a prospect. Sadly, I’ve become dependent on the one-touch calling feature, and no longer remember phone numbers, so I could not call my prospect back. (Not good!)

I raced to AT&T for a replacement, and spent 2 1/2 hours on my purchase of the iPhone 4. Keeping with the iPhone made sense for me — I already own all the accessories — but the sticker shock on the new plan I was forced to accept made me ill.

size mattersMy former data plan: $15
New data plan: $30 (only offered as a “courtesy” to grandfather me in to an unlimited data plan, which I don’t use much of anyway, except for email)

Old texting plan: 200 texts for $5 (I never went over 100…mostly inbound. Texting just isn’t my thing. I prefer vowels.)
New texting plan: 1000 texts for $10

I was a little upset. I didn’t even use my 200 texts, and was forced to “upgrade” to 1000? And these plan “options” aren’t limited to the iPhone, they’re for ANY smart phone, so why switch?

Obviously AT&T is going after the “power users” of these phones, and having a plan for them is great. But what about the little guy? The one who doesn’t need or use all these features? What options are available to us?

Are we being overlooked deliberately? Or are we forced to pay for the access to features we don’t use, subsidizing the “power users?”

One size does NOT fit all…or most. There isn’t too much competition in the wireless market, and most have comparable plans when comparing ALL the features — and fees — so that’s probably why the carriers can get away with this.

Not everyone is so lucky. Granted, we all have a niche…some high end, some low end, and some with a full range of products to fill any need.

Now take a look at your product offerings, and your industry. Leave a comment below with your industry/niche, the amount of competition you face, and your product strategy. Looking forward to the comments!

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